Thursday, 3 February 2011

My New (Lunar) Year Resolution: Writing The Honest Complaint Blogs!

I finally found a new year's resolution.

I have decided to write about things (or people) that irritate me, annoy me and that waste my money. This could be a cafe, a restaurant, a public servant, a trip, an airline....or a neighbor! Ha-ha-ha! 

I started this blog in 2009 for a tourism competition in Korea (which got me an MP3 player as a prize), and to share with everyone my trips and experience around Seoul and everywhere else.

But today, I have decided to make time for complaints for bad service and experience. 

And to borrow Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion, "for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction".  I will be reacting to a bad menu, bad service, bad experience and bad people.

I will try to make it as constructive as possible, knowing that any bad service has nowhere to go but better, or perhaps, up. And these people can always learn a thing or two to make their product, food, service and the way they deal with people (like me) better. 

I have already written blogs praising good service and good food. But I don't remember writing one to complain.

I have enjoyed writing about good experiences, but I have a feeling I would even enjoy writing about the bad ones.

Now, let me see who deserves the honor of the first complaint...

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