Monday, 7 February 2011

The Sleepy Bus Ride

Vacation's over!  

After nine days of no work courtesy of the Seollal holidays in Korea, it's back to the office!

I tried to wake up early, but my sleepy eyes couldn't get themselves to open because for the last nine days they open up to the world at 10 AM, sometimes 11, sometimes....Well, sometimes. Ha-ha-ha!

But today, Monday, the first day of trying to earn a living again, I had to drag my heavy ass (heavier to non-stop eating during the holidays) out of the bed, into the cold shower, and then to finally put on the thick and heavy winter clothes.

Out of the apartment, I crossed the main street and waited at the bus stop, in the cold holding a bag containing some snacks to bring to the office:  Eng Bee Tin's ube hopia (from the freezer), pecorino cheese (from Rome) and green tea (from my friend Cora who left Seoul a week ago).

And when the bus finally arrived, I hopped on and got a seat at the back and by the window so I could entertain myself with any traffic scenery and shake off this vacation hangover, little by little, kilometer by kilometer.

I then realized how few the passengers were that morning. Perhaps they were still asleep, comfortably on their warm beds while, I, among the brave few, struggled with the cold and the sleepiness...on the bus!

As the idiom goes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. In my case,  flesh is sleepy and the spirit sleepier.

Perhaps tons of work will spring me out of this, or perhaps a cup of cafe mocha with two shots of espresso. But I think I know exactly what I need:  another vacation...


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