Sunday, 6 February 2011


When I was still in Manila, I had to go to a mall just so I could enjoy this delicacy of Japanese origin.

But lucky me, there's one kiosk nearby, down the street in Seoul where I work that sells....takoyaki!

What is takoyaki?  Well, in Japanese, tako means octopus, and yaki means cooked or grilled.  And if further translated it means cheap and yummy if bathed in sauce and covered with katsuobushi (tuna shavings)!
These round balls are cooked in takoyaki pans, where the batter of the recipe is molded and turned into a savory dish good enough for a snack or lunch!

And whenever I'm in downtown Seoul, I swing by the takoyaki shop at Lotte's food court (where I'm already a suki), and I always ask them to put more sauce and tuna shavings!

So, from Japan, to Seoul...and finally, to my tummy! Takoyaki!

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