Saturday, 2 July 2011

Gotta Love Samsung's After-Sales Service!

Of all the days in the year, my air conditioner's remote control picked this week to die out on me! 

I changed the batteries, thinking that was it. Still, the aircon wouldn't respond to my command. So, I asked my building manager's help, who called Samsung's customer service. And after an hour, a Samsung customer representative called me back, and with an English-Korean translator! We had a three-way conversation on my cellphone, talking from English to Korean to English! The topic? My air con's remote control! How interesting! Ha-ha-ha!
After I furnished them my air con's model, they promised me that they would send a text message to my cellphone to advise me if they found a replacement, which I could pick up from the Samsung Digital Plaza near Sookmyung Women's University Station.
And as they promised, I got the text message the next morning and I wasted no time to pick up a new remote control, not wanting to melt inside my home during a summer night.
So, I thank Samsung for such a fast and efficient response to my climate-control problem! And the service (and the air conditioning!) inside the Samsung Digital Plaza was efficient, too! 
Now, that I blogged about this, is Samsung giving me a new air conditioner?

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