Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Graffiti Alley At The 2011 R16 World B-Boy Masters Championships Korea!

Every time I visit the Lotte Duty Free Shop in Myeong-dong, I dread going to its perfumery section. Why?  I have asthma and I'm allergic to freakin' perfume! So when I have to get somebody (like my Mom!) a bottle, I make the visit quick!

But those Korean salesladies always try to persuade me to buy this or that perfume by spraying those deadly molecules in the air! I wonder if they are trying to sell to me... or kill me! Ha-ha-ha!

But deadly or not, the spray-paint molecules drifting around the Graffiti Festival of the R16 World B-Boy Masters Championships last Saturday, July 2, didn't bother me as much, as those graffiti artists and their art momentarily let me forget that I could have an asthma attack right there in front of their masterpieces!

I didn't worry though. The ambulance standing by the backstage of the Olympic Park stadium assured me that first aid was just about a hundred meters away just in case my lungs decided to shut down, right between Nitro Seoul's cobra graffiti and Ewok's skulls.

And as I moved around from one graffiti wall to another, I joined the crowd of admirers who were temporarily mesmerized by the explosion of colors shaping each artist's extension of himself on the wall.

Graffiti is a pop culture, and these artists, who are as talented and creative as anybody else in the directory, should be commissioned (!) to share their art in a wider venue, like the subway station's walls! I would definitely take the subway all the time if that happens just to see who's spraying what!

Kudos to the R16 for bringing these artists together in one alley! 
And thanks and congratulations to these graffiti artists who shared their art with everyone else (asthmatics or not!) during the b-boy championships!

Now, let me share with you these photos while I take my asthma medicine....(wheezing....wheezing...)...

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