Saturday, 30 July 2011

"I'm Seething In The Rain....Just Seething In The Rain...."

"I'm seething in the rain...just seething in the rain....what a furious feeling...I'm unhappy again...."
Those would be Gene Kelly's lyrics, too, if he happens to be standing in the rain, waiting for an empty taxi cab and being shielded from the heavy pitter-patter of monsoon rains by an over-sized umbrella! 
And he still would continue humming those lyrics even while inside the taxi cab, which now is traversing the very wet, very slippery highway towards his workplace, with the car's wiper slapping the rain water from the windshield left and right!
These monsoon rains in the Korean peninsula this week are ruining everyone's day, home and worst, life! 
Last weekend, I was at the Boryeong Mud Festival and I thought I left all the mud there! But it seems it followed me all the way to Seoul with all the news about mudslides in the city!
I sympathize with the unfortunate who lost their lives last week, and with those whose homes were ruined.
I look forward to a drier and sunnier week ahead. I hate carrying umbrellas. 
And worse, I hate singing in the rain.
(I wondered what the taxi driver was thinking when he saw me taking photos of his windshield and the people along the road. Ha-ha-ha!)

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