Friday, 15 July 2011

Of Groceries, Coupons And Freebies!

I was running out of mango juice, milk and ice cream yesterday, so I had to run to my favorite supermarket, E-Mart! 

Why is it my favorite? They close at midnight! For nocturnal animals like me, having a store willing to sell me something I desperate crave (like ice cream!) or desperate need (like toilet paper! Ha-ha-ha!) is a nightmare turned into convenience.

So, off I hurried to E-Mart at Yongsan Station (where I bumped into Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage a few years back), and remembered it is part of the Seoul Summer Sale!  And following instructions on the brochure, I walked up to the customer service counter and asked for a cash coupon worth W3,000.

So, as I carried a plastic basket on my left hand and armed with the cash coupon on my right, I scavenged through the two levels of E-Mart at Yongsan Station searching for items to address the craving and the need. I had to rack up at least W50,000 in total bill in order to use the cash coupon. So, a basket full of groceries was enough to make the target.

And at the counter, after I surrendered the cash coupon, my total bill of W57,000 was reduced to W54,000!  Who would have thought that the Seoul Summer Sale also included my ice cream and toilet paper!

The Summer Sale didn't end at the check-out counter.

I showed my receipt today at the Seoul Summer Sale booth and voila! Another bagful of freebies!  I was asked to pick from the lucky draw box and the stick I picked corresponded with a prize!

I'm not really a fan of shopping for clothes downtown, but I'm happy that the Seoul Summer Sale also covers my groceries.


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