Monday, 1 August 2011

BBB Korea And The Hallyu Train!

                          (the BBB trip participants)
There must have been hundreds and hundreds of people who applied to join BBB (Before Babel Brigade) Korea's 5th International Friends Day last July 10, 2011. And luckily, I made the list!

                            (at the Seoul Station)
BBB Korea, an organization 'of volunteers who share a common vision of a society free from cultural and language barriers,' held a day-trip to Nami Island (yes, the holy land for Winter Sonata fans!) , to the poet Kim You-Jeong's home, and to the Chuncheon Makguksu Museum, all in the Gangwon Province.

                                                      (the hallyu train)
More than 200 Koreans and foreigners on the trip, including the BBB volunteer staff, assembled at the Seoul Station that morning for train seat assignments and registration.  
I think the reason why there were hundreds of applicants for the trip was the interesting places the trip would cover and the cost!  Each of us only had to pay KRW10,000 which included the train ride from Seoul Station to Chuncheon and back, the ferry ride to Nami Island, bus transfers, a packed lunch (from Outback Steakhouse, no less!), an orange BBB t-shirt and of course, the free makguksu-making tour! 
Who would pass up the chance? If you break down the whole cost, it would easily sum up to more than KRW70,000!
And lucky us! We were able to ride Korail's hallyu train!

If I remember right, the hallyu train has about eight cars, and even includes one 'event' car, where there's a DJ and a space where people can have fun! The train is even painted on with fun colors and drawings.

The train ride from Seoul Station to Gapyeong Station in Gangwon Province, was about an hour and 15 minutes, most of it you can while away by chatting with your seatmate or by watching the Korean countryside from the window.
                       (the view from the train window)

And all the happy travelers arrived safely and on time at Gapyeong Station.

                                        (arriving at Gapyeong Station)
                                                (the orange BBB tee)
(Mr. Yoo, the BBB Chairman, welcoming the participants through the hallyu train's TV)

Thanks to the BBB for the whole trip!

Next stop....the Naminara Ferry Ride!

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