Monday, 15 August 2011

The Naminara Ferry Ride!

Coming from our Hallyu Train ride from Seoul, then into our BBB buses which dropped us off at the Naminara Harbor, everyone was getting excited on hopping at the ferry boat to cross the lake and into the Nami Island.
The crossing was interesting. There was an Immigration gate through which all tourists pass, and the waiting area displays international flags with words of welcome in each of the country's language, although the supposed greeting for Filipino was a bit off! What the hell is 'Taggapin'?  They may have goggled and ended up with 'tanggap', which actually means accept. "Mabuhay!" would have sufficed.
                                                    (The 'pre-departure' area)
                          (What the hell is 'Taggapin'?)

The ferry was enough to carry the eager tourists across the lake, which I wished was infested with crocodiles, piranhas, or some other aquatic predator that would have made the crossing fun, especially if somebody fell off the boat! Ha-ha-ha!

Instead, there were banana-boat riders who were thrown into the lake by the mischievous boat driver. And had there been piranhas in the water, everyone on the ferry would have enjoyed watching the bloody feast! Ha-ha-ha!

               (Tourists waiting at the 'pre-departure' area)

Although the ride was a short, it was the final mode of transport that brought us to Nami Island that day. And we all just stood there and walked around during the ten-minute boat ride.
I guess everyone was eager to get to the island, which was actually the highlight of the BBB tour.
                                       (The other Nami Island ferry)
       (Banana boat-riders being fished out of the lake)

Next stop....Nami Island!
                   (The torn Philippine flag flying on the ferry)

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  1. Nami island is Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pics.