Thursday, 22 September 2011

And The Sweetest Banana Is From.....

.....the Philippines!

And I was right!
The moment I saw those bananas lying under the autumn sun and on a mobile store parked at the intersection of Hannam-dong, I had an inkling as to where they came from.

So, I walked towards the van and asked for a bunch of bananas. And comparing to those sold at groceries and supermarkets, this bunch wasn't that expensive! Only W3,000!

And I peeled, had a bite and voila! This kind is very sweet! Not your ordinary variety!

So, I looked closer at the tag: "Product of the Philippines" (correctly spelled! Ha-ha-ha!).
This inexpensive bunch is the sweetest I have tasted in Korea!  I better watch out for the vendor's van again. I need to help both the local economy and the banana industry.
Going bananas...

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