Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Hawaiian Party At the End of Summer

 Though summer was almost over, there still was time for a luau ....without a lechon!

And one weekend, on the last days of summer, one birthday girl in Seoul named Ruth, gathered some of her closest friends (and friends who were available to join her that night, and including one who came all the way from Gyeonggi Province starving! Ha-ha-ha!) at her home to celebrate a milestone.

It was her 40th birthday! And we, as her extended family of sorts in Seoul, were there to celebrate with her!

                     (Maria G. with her fabulous chicken curry!)

And as the birthday girl wished for a hawaiian-themed party, everyone was game to arrive in their beach-y get-up; from Ruth's grass skirt, to garlands, to flowery shirts, sandals and   of course, tanned skin! Ha-ha-ha! 
And since it was a Saturday night, there was no curfew for anyone, but lots of food, fun and games!
                                    (Maria C. standing next to her 
                            irresistible meat lasagna)
                                                         (Adobo, anyone?)
                 (Maria's meat lasagna before it disappeared)

Although we didn't have a kalua pig, friends brought adobo, chicken currey, sweet and sour pork, meat lasagna, pancit and what else? I can't recall. Burp!

                       (Playing beach games indoors)

And who can forget that huge Moet et Chandon champagne bottle?
                                     (Ruth et Moet et Chandon)
Thanks to Ruth for sharing her birthday celebration with us. 

                        (A night full of food and fun!)

At the end of the hawaiian party night, the birthday girl was a year older and wiser, and her friends a few pounds heavier. 

Sa uulitin... next year! Ha-ha-ha!

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