Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ang Costco Ko!

 There's only one huge supermarket in my neighborhood, but there are lots of grocery and convenient stores. Although they have what I usually need, none of them can compare to the biggest one of all! Costco!

                              (Hannam Station)

Costco is on a league of its own. Why? Aside from all the consumables sold at cheaper prices, it bakes this huge (and very cheap!) pepperoni pizza and chicken bake!  Ha-ha-ha! Yes, I am only after the baked goodies!

               (Navigating using my Samsung Galaxy SII,  
                       as if I needed to. Ha-ha-ha!)

I remember, years ago, on my third night in Korea, I took the subway and smartly navigated my way to Sangbong Station from Itaewon, trying to  locate the house of a kababayan. I got to Sangbong Station all right, but could not locate the residence from Exit 2. I thought the Geumran Church was just a walking distance away.  I didn't yet have a Korean cellphone at that time, so I did what a helpless, lost stranger would:  ask for help!  At the Costco counter!
                                            (Outside Mang-u Station)
                             (My membership card)
I asked the Costco clerk if I could make a phone call from her telephone, and she let me! How helpful! And my kababayan fetched me from there.

                                 (Oatmeal, choco chip  
                                   and raisin cookies!)

And now, seven years since, I still go back to Costco in Sangbong, which is conveniently accessible through Line No. 1 from my Hannam Station to the new Mang-u Station.

And when I do visit, I always get myself at least three chicken bakes along with my staple breakfast cereals, and a few yummy things to enjoy.
                                                        (My Costco loot!)

And today, I got myself the most essential of groceries:  Quaker's Granola, cookies, chicken bakes and calzone!

(Grocery carts outside Costco)

And yes, you do need to be a member to get the groceries. But for the baked goodies, you need not be one. You can just bypass the supermarket through the elevator down to the food court, which is always full!
                                   (Mang-u Station)
And don't forget your own shopping bag....for the cookies and baked goodies!

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