Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back To Work....

Finally, a breather of a weekend!

After the long nights in the office and weekends of travelling, running around, visits to the orphanage, and countless cups of  iced cafe mocha, slices of brownies, bites of food for the gods (and unwanted kilos!), it's finally time to get back to work! Working on this blog, that is!

When I tried to list down the blogs I still want to write about, I found out that I have a blog backlog! Ha-ha-ha!

I still haven't written about the race, the marine-type training and the mud festival itself. I haven't written yet about the visit to a famous poet's home, and not even close to putting a piece about making maguksu! And I also look forward to sharing my days a volunteer! Not to mention the parties!

But I will soon have the time to write all these as chuseok, the Korean thanksgiving, is around the corner and I will have a few days off...from the real work!

And while that real work affords me my living, this work provides me enjoyment!
And thanks to all the visitors from 118 countries (so far), a lot of more experiences, photographs and insights into my life as Pinoy in Korea is yet to come!


  1. whoah is that a samsung galaxy i see? hehe =)nice

  2. Yes, that is THE very useful Samsung Galaxy SII. I listened to the majority (including you) and got this over the iPhone 4. Nokia Hong Kong Customer Care, on the otherhand, sucks!

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