Saturday, 10 September 2011

Cooking For The Chuseok Holidays!

The long chuseok weekend has started!

People in Korea are happy when Chuseok, the Korean thanksgiving, falls on a weekday because vacation becomes even longer.

While I welcome these Chuseok holidays to spend at home to watch movies on cable TV, or play tennis with friends after they're done with their Chuseok traditions, or to write some blogs at my favorite cafes (like where I'm now!), some female Korean friends I know do not exactly like the idea of the Chuseok tradition.


Because they have to cook! In case they're married to the oldest brother, or their dad is the oldest of the brood, they have to attend to the preparation and the cooking and every else! And what do the male members of the family do? Well....let's ask them. Ha-ha-ha!

Oh well. That's the Korean tradition.

And last weekend, I, along with other volunteers, visited a foster home to spend time with the kids, and help them prepare, cook and let them enjoy these Korean traditional goodies which are usually prepared during Chuseok.

While I don't know how to cook, I just sampled the goodies and do what I do best...take photographs of the fun riot at the foster home!  

Enjoy your Chuseok holidays!

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