Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Loving Lety's Buko-Pineapple Pie And Cassava Cake!

I don't worry about gaining weight with all these goodies from friends.  With today's problems, the search on how to lose a few more kilos cannot compare with the search for world peace! Ha-ha-ha!
And vielen danke to Frau Sarah, who flew in from Los Banos, Laguna, last week, bringing with her to-die-for cassava cake and buko-pineapple pie!
It was my first time to taste Lety's Cassava Cake, and it was gloriously yummy!  Its sweetness was just right, not too overwhelming. It's firmness was perfect at each bite, and the flavor of the root crop just flooded my palate each time I twirled it around and around in my locked big mouth (Ha-ha-ha!), so as not to let any taste escape. After all, this was not available in Seoul! Sooner (and never later!), this box of cassava cake will have disappeared after a few forkfuls! 
And as if the cassava cake wasn't enough, Lety's Buko-Pineapple Pie was also masterpiece by itself! These layers of buko (coconut meat) topped with crushed pineapple was a delight of mixed flavors! How I wished they were available here in Seoul!  
But thanks to a very thoughtful (and generous!) friend, Sarah, I was able to reminisce my memories of Los Banos and its hot springs (in the province of Laguna, Philippines) with these goodies made by Lety.
           (The buko-pineapple pie and the Seoul Tower)

So, who's flying in again from Los Banos, Laguna? Ha-ha-ha!

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