Thursday, 6 October 2011

Good Pie, Baby, Good Pie!

I was sitting by the window of Starbucks Itaewon updating my blog last weekend when I saw a van with the sign Jesters Korea. I got curious. What is Jesters Korea? I thought it was a company providing clowny entertainment.
So, I immediately googled the name and discovered that Jesters Korea makes pies! And they have location right here in Itaewon!
So, after my blogging, just in time when my tummy started to grumble, I shut down my computer and headed to their location, towards that intersection of the fire station. It's behind Dunkin' Donuts at that shady corner of Itaewon.
I am surprised I never noticed this place before. It must have been its inconspicuous location. It wasn't on the main road. It's on that alley, where there are lots of people going to (and perhaps coming from) the bars and the foreign supermarket up that hill.
When I got there I was impressed with the choices! Such a variety of pies and their catchy names. From Pavarotti (carbonara) to Morning Glory (eggs and cheese), William Tell (apples and cinnamon) and a few more.
And they have a combo menu! A pie, fries and a soda! Just enough for a hungry tummy in a hurry!
Now, I have another source of fast and enjoyable food in Itaewon! Although some choices will have to be baked upon ordering.
                (my combo set and a take-out, of course!)

And I was enjoying my Pavarotti the other night, I could not shake that Miss A tune ringing in my head: "Good pie, baby, good pie...!"

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