Monday, 3 October 2011

The Green Hannam Bridge

There are seven bridges connecting Yongsan-gu with the south side of Seoul. From the Wonghyo Bridge at the Yongsan Electronics Center to....tadah!....Hannam Bridge!
Since I moved into this neighborhood of Hannam-dong in Yongsan-gu, in Seoul way back in 2004, people have told me that this area is in the most convenient part of Seoul. Why? Just five minutes up north is Myeong-dong, and seven minutes down south (if no traffic) is Gangnam Station! 
I can see the Seoul Tower from my street, Nam-san is five minutes away, and Itaewon is just next door! What more could I ask for?
And they're right! Convenient it is!

And the bridge that makes it all convenient for me  and the rest of the riding and driving public going down south is the Hannam Bridge. I have always wanted to cross this bridge on foot, but it's scary!  I'm not sure whether, with all the weight I gained lately from parties, I would still be heavy enough not to be blown away by the breezes on the open Hannam Bridge! Ha-ha-ha!
The bridge shares some of the notoriety with the other bridges over the Han River as I heard that people also  jump off this bridge to end their lives. Although that's sad, it sort of makes me proud that of all the 25 bridges in Seoul, they picked my Hannam Bridge!
During the day, this bridge is just a long span of steel and concrete full of vehicles, but at night, it turns green!  And unlike the very colorful Banpo Bridge, Hannam Bridge sports my favorite color!
I wouldn't ever dare walk over the bridge on foot. But just watching it from below (from the Han River bank), lighted green and with the Seoul Tower at the background, is a treat enough for this grateful Hannam-dong neighbor.

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