Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween In Itaewon: A Festival And A Little Fire

I was supposed to be taking some bed rest this weekend per doctor's order. But I realized the medicines he gave me just made me drowsy, lazy and lethargic.

So, I decided to skip the medicine, get out of bed and head down to Itaewon where an international food festival of sorts is going on, right on Hallow's Eve!

I didn't know that the main Itaewon road, from Hamilton Hotel up to the Noksapyeong Station end, would be closed to traffic. All vehicles, including the public buses, detoured to avoid this road. I wonder why the public wasn't informed ahead of time. This information wasn't even posted at the Itaewon Global Center's website. Hmm. I wonder why.
(my Hannam-dong neighborhood)
And the Blue Bus 110, which I took from Hannam-dong to Itaewon, turned left upon reaching Hamilton Hotel. I just got off after.
                        (Itaewon's main intersection)
               (Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon's main landmark)

Well, the whole street was full of people, with tents of restaurants mostly lining up on one side, and a few activity tents on the other. 
And at the Noksapyeong Station end, a stage was set up for some performers.

I wasn't really interested in eating. I just wanted to see what fun people were having this weekend. 

And shockingly, of all the days in the year to have a fire in Itaewon, it picked the day of the festival!  Yes! A fire broke out while I was in the area! (And I swear I have nothing to do with it. Ha-ha-ha!).
(This girl said she's in a halloween costume. Obvious ba?)
          (This lady is rushing to her halloween party! 
                             I told her to enjoy!)

               (A couple with their dressed up puppies)
And as I expected, I bumped into some guys in their weird halloween costumes. But it was even weirder that a fire actually broke out in Hallow's Eve. (I am thinking of showing the photos of the fire in another blog).
                       (Sunog! Somebody call 119!)

I hope the fire didn't dampen the spirits of the people at the festival, although some food tents next to the building that caught fire had to be abandoned.

I plan to make my way through Itaewon one of these nights, and by that time, I don't expect any more detour, people in halloween costumes and of course, fire. 

And I only expect a lot of fun, though.

                      (Typewriters from the last century)
                             (A lady in a hanbok)

(This is what I like in Seoul. Toilets everywhere! 
                              For those having to go.)

                                  (L'Arch de Itaewon!)


  1. Helloo visiting from Turkey :)
    I didnt know that Halloween exist in Korea..
    nice to know that
    happy to read here

  2. Hi Lalique! Thanks for the note! The foreigners in Korea are the ones usually celebrating (and introducing) Halloween in Korea. And the locals are fast catching on on the idea.