Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lynn And Marshall's Kitchen (And Balcony!)

Before the freezing temperatures of winter descended upon Seoul, wonderful friends Lynn and Marshall opened up their kitchen (and balcony!) by hosting a barbecue party at their home in Seochu!

And while Marshall was busy grilling some steak, chicken and bratwurst, I tried to snoop around their neighborhood skyline which was definitely higher than the rooftops in my  Hannam-dong neighborhood!
                          (a neighboring building under construction)
Everyone was eager to bring a dish to share at the party, which turned into a mini-fiesta of sorts with a variety of dishes that could easily tip the scale one marker up! Ha-ha-ha!

Over the years, whenever Filipino friends gather for a party (or lunch!) in Seoul, there would always be a mix of Filipino and western dishes that leave everyone at the table so happy (and very full!) while chatting, munching, laughing and sharing the latest gossip from home.

And as if the dishes were not enough, there's still dessert!  Ginata-an, cassava cake and turon!  And to think that we're in Seoul! Ha-ha-ha!
                                (the kids busy eating...and growing up!)
Although we didn't have games that night, the ladies had a way to spend the rest of the night away...dance exercise! Perhaps to burn those barbecue, chicken wings, bratwurst, potato salad, meat balls, chop suey and what else?

                                    (sige, kain pa!)
And even though we're still digesting dinner, planning for the next party was already under way!
                  (first of my X number of plates. Ha-ha-ha!)
                                     (cassava cake!)
And as of this writing, I already lost the weight I gained from Lynn and Marshall's barbecue party (thanks, guys!), which means that I am ready for the next. Ha-ha-ha!

                               (frying the turon!)
The next party assignments have already been given out and arrangements have already been decided. Preparing now the parlor games...and of course, my empty tummy! Ha-ha-ha!
                                           (burning off the bratwurst!)
                       (our big family this side of the world!)

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