Sunday, 2 October 2011

Maguksu, Anyone?

I think I tasted this type of Korean noodles years ago. But since cold noodles all taste the same to me, the gastronomic memory didn't stick to my tongue. Ha-ha-ha!

But thanks to the BBB tour, I was able to find out that this cold noodle maguksu is made from buckwheat and is popular in the Gangwon Province.

We visited the Maguksu Museum near Chuncheon, and had a first-hand (literally!) experience on making the popular noodle.

It wasn't that difficult: we mixed hot water with maguksu flour in a silver basin, made a hard paste out of it and cranked the paste through the noodle-making machine, which turns it into strips that then fall into a cauldron of hot water.

And being submerged into the hot water, it is cooked into noodles, which we could then eat.

And we ate it!

I just tried to remember that we were in a museum, and not a real restaurant, so that I wouldn't have high expectations that what I just made, we were about to eat! Ha-ha-ha!

 A few ingredients and seasonings were mixed into the noodles and voila! A snack in the museum!

Luckily for me, I was able to save the bread from the Outback Steakhouse lunch which I then paired with my bowl of maguksu.
Now, where is the best maguksu restaurant in Seoul?

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