Friday, 7 October 2011

A Morning At The Cinema With Miss A and 2PM!

The earliest time of the day that I have ever been to a cinema to watch a movie was about 9:30AM when I rushed with a friend to catch a movie on a Sunday morning!  Why that early?

Because the tickets are cheaper during the early hours (I think they were just W2,000 each!) and we still had to go to work! Yes, working on a Sunday during our busy season in our profession is a normal thing!
And this week, an invitation to attend an early morning launch of Korea Tourism Organization's (KTO) interactive movie, An-Nyeong,  was my second time to be at the cinema even before lunch! Ha-ha-ha!
 (Miss A appointed as Korea tourism honorary ambassadors)

Held at the Lotte Cinema in Myeong-dong, the presentation which was part of KTO's interactive campaign was swamped by a selected audience of fans, press people and bloggers invited by  As the interactive movie is still under  its post-production stages, they only showed some highlights where its cast, the members of Miss A and 2PM, and two lucky fans from Taiwan and China, who won the video auditions, traveled around the more popular places in Seoul.
    (2PM appointed as Korea tourism honorary ambassadors)

After the presentation, there was an autograph-signing session with Miss A and 2PM. (I will have to post more photos on the signing when I have the time.)
And to make it worth their while, everyone who came to the cinema early that morning (including me) were treated with free CD albums of Miss A and 2PM, a poster, and the yummy egg-and-cheese sandwich and orange juice courtesy of Angel-In-Us coffee shop (it was my first time to taste this coffee shop's sandwich, and found it yummy and good enough for lunch!). 

Once it's launched this month, I will I look forward to seeing for myself if the cast members were able to do justice in promoting some of my favorite places in Seoul.
(Autographs of Miss A and 2PM. I actually don't know what to                    do with this.)

In the meantime, click on this for the highlights of the interactive movie, An-Nyeong.


  1. sell the signed cd's on ebay triple the amount hehehe

  2. I hope to remember that when, someday, these hallyu memorabilia has its auctions. I hope I don't lose them.