Monday, 24 October 2011

Running With The HiSeoul Marathoners....

...and ending up at my own finish line. Ha-ha-ha!

When I read that the HiSeoul Marathon was being held this weekend, I thought perhaps it would be nice taking photos of the marathoners as they run under the cool autumn morning, navigating their foggy route to their target distances.  There were the 10k, half-marathon (21k) and full marathon races.

I didn't dream of running one, lest I wanted to torture my flat feet and bad back. 

So, I tried to find out what time they would start and planned of ambushing the runners at a road somewhere. But the starting line was at Seoul Plaza, which was too far and too early for me to get up for on a Sunday morning! 

So, I traced the route and found out that they....were running through my Hannam-dong neighborhood!
And when I woke up this Sunday morning, I assumed that most of the runners were already near my neighborhood. So I walked down to Hanggang Park through the underground passage near the Hannam Station and I was right!  The marathoners were already running past Hannam-dong

I just stood there near the bank of the Han River and took photos of the eager runners chasing their goals of finishing at their best times.

 (I notice some runners have balloons tied to their shirts)

                                 (Pigeons watching the marathoners)

I didn't stay long to watch the remaining runners.  I got envy.  Why were they the only ones losing weight and getting fit?

So I did my own mini-marathon by walking towards Itaewon that morning and thought of making my own finish line. That would be a good, long walk. And perhaps lose a few calories along the way, I thought.
(My own finish line!)

And ta-dah.....I ended up at McDonald's in Itaewon, the finish line of my own mini-HiSeoul marathon. Ha-ha-ha!

And for finishing, I rewarded myself with..."Two egg mcmuffins, please. Take out".

                                     (My reward!)

And on my way back to Hannam-dong, I took the bus. Ha-ha-ha!

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