Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Korean Drama Queens Hit Seoul!

 They came, they saw and they...shopped!

Calling themselves sisters after having been brought together by the a common love for one man (and they don't fight over him. Sisters share, I guess), Cielo, Jenny, Itchay and Marlu (and Jenny's two daughters, Nina and Sophie), flew in from Manila to hunt that man down. These ladies aren't related at all.  They are just four of the thousands of Filipino fans of Korean telenovelas and films.  

Well, the Korean wave-slash-hallyu has reached South Korea's neighboring countries (but hopefully unreachable by the North Korean missile tests. Ha-ha-ha! Sorry for the bad joke, Mr. Kim!), and it was just natural for these fans to flock to the place where it all began......Faceshop.  Ha-ha-ha!

Nah. I was kidding. Well, that Faceshop guy started it all.

Remember, Bae Yong-Joon? The guy on the old Faceshop poster, who sports make-up thicker than any of the working gals on Ayala Avenue (in Makati City, Philippines), and who regularly flashes that big smile to show off that perfect set of stain-free, bleached-white teeth, which doesn't fail to always charm any lady 'of a certain age' from Tokyo, Japan, to Paranaque City, Philippines.

Well, since Bae Yong-Joon has already been to the Philippines (sort of) to visit his fans, it was time his fans returned the favor. So, these sisters flew into Seoul in the middle of the colorful and cool autumn to sightsee, shop, visit Nami Island and of course, to hunt him down.
                             (Happy to be in hanbok!)

These sisters are up-to-date when it comes to Korean dramas and movies. They know the lead actors by face, by name, and of course, his or her latest scandal. They are like the walking IMDB (Internet Movie Database) specializing on Korean films and dramas. Of course, they also have their own Korean film library that could match the Korean Film Archive's collection. Ha-ha-ha!

Before they flew in, I knew only one of these sisters. But I was happy to have met all of them when they got here. I was just glad to have been able to provide a little help in their preparation for the trip, providing them tips and some information they needed (just like the other tourists who stumble upon my blog while researching for their trip to South Korea, and who email me for some tourist info).

As I am not a Korean telenovela fan, I can only imagine these ladies' excitement when they visited the places made famous by the Korean dramas. I'm sure they were also on the lookout for the Bae Yong-Joon in between shopping for bags and souvenirs. 
                      (The Korean drama queens hit Seoul!)

And as they wanted to share their excitement, the sisters brought me pasalubong from the Philippines, just like other thoughtful and generous friends have done before. They were excited with their trip; I was excited with their presents!
           (The very popular Mary Grace cheese rolls and                        ensaimadas...with matching queso de bola pa from Cielo!)
                 (Gourmet tuyo, daing and dulong! 
        Love the dulong with crackers! From Jenny and Itchay!)
 (These cute, not-too-sweet piayitos from Nina and Sophie)
 (Everyone's favorite Eng Bee Tin hopias from Marlu! 
Sister Genevieve, the Filipino Carmelite nun in Seoul reminded me last Friday to bring her some when I fly home this Christmas.)
(Piayas and mango tarts from Virgie's of Bacolod! 
                                    From Itchay!)
(They didn't just come, sightsee and shop. They also brought pasalubong! Kamsa-hamnida to the Korean drama queens!)

Well, the Korean drama queens have already left Seoul, bringing with them exciting stories, souvenirs and of course, heavier luggage. Though they weren't able to find their king, they promise to be back someday to continue the journey of being a Korean telenovela fan.
(The Korean drama queens discovering Seoul on foot.)

Their hunt for the Bae Yong-Joon continues...


  1. Al! you are such a treasure! the hunt for BYJ wouldn't have been as much fun without your "scouting"! glad you loved the pasalubong...mauulit and WE SHALL RETURN!!!

  2. friendly visit from Turkey :)
    come & promote your blog

  3. I hope to see you again in Korea, Jenny!

  4. I hope I can go to Korea one day. I heard that this country is a great place to be.