Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Immigrating To Bacolod's Manokan Country

Every time I fly home, I make sure I get to enjoy chicken inasal (or chicken barbecue), be it in Makati City or in Bacolod City.

The last time I enjoyed it was in Chicken House, that popular chicken inasal restaurant along the very busy Lacson Street in Bacolod City. That place is always full especially during lunch time!
                          (Aida's. But I didn't know if she was there.)
(Manokan Country)
But on this trip, my family tried another chicken inasal venue, the place where you can find all the restaurants serving the very popular barbecue. The area is dedicated mainly for the deliciously marinated, rightly flavored, grilled bird, and appropriately called Manokan Country!

                          (Masquerade. It's more fun in Bacolod.)

(These masks must have been worn during the 
Masskara Festival competition. 
They are so elaborate and creatively designed.)

'Manok' means chicken, and the restaurants are gathered in a block and wittingly labelled a 'country'. Of course, it has no head of state. Only a national barbecued bird.

But even if it's on the other side of a national boundary, it's still as yummy and enjoyable. Be it the chicken legs, or its innards like the barbecued liver or tailbone, I always enjoy it especially if eaten with garlic rice and a soy sauce-calamansi dip.

And the restaurant we visited was Aida's, whose interior was decorated with these elaborately designed, colorful masks, a tribute to Bacolod City's Masskara Festival which is held every October. 
                         (This has to be my favorite chicken dish.)
Well, in case you're in Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental, you can always 'immigrate' to Manokan Country, where you won't need a passport. Only a huge appetite and an empty tummy.

 (Photos of Miss Masskara candidates displayed inside the restaurant. I don't know which one won the title.)
('Sarap ng Manok sa Bacolod' means 'Chicken is 
delicious in Bacolod.')

And on my trip home next time, I will definitely visit this 'country' again, and enjoy its national barbecue. Burp!

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