Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Pinoy in Bacolod: Chicken Inasal!

The second most popular export from Bacolod City and its province must be....chicken inasal!  (The first is sugar, and the third is 'piaya', alongside Kuh Ledesma, Joel Torre and...who else is from Bacolod? Ha-ha-ha!).

Chicken inasal is literally, chicken barbecue!  The chicken (gotta love this delicious bird!) parts are marinated, at least for an hour, in vinegar, calamansi, lemongrass and other flavors, and then skewered in bamboo sticks and grilled with annatto oil basting. 
Although chicken inasal is now available outside Bacolod City and Negros, the one served at my favorite Chicken House in Bacolod is still the best for me. I always make it a point to visit the place every time I go home, and it's always full of hungry people willing to wait for a table just so they could enjoy the deliciously flavored domestic fowl! Ha-ha-ha!
And it's not just the chicken leg that's served. Most of the other parts of the chicken like the liver, wings and tail are also barbecued and enjoyed.

I always order 'garlic rice' with my chicken inasal which should also go with a dip of soy sauce and calamansi.  

Honestly, I hate writing this kind of blogs (about delicious food!) because when I'm done, I usually crave for them! Ha-ha-ha!

Oh well. I'm off to Chicken House!


  1. i love chicken inasal! the last time i went home i got so addicted with it that i kept on asking my mom to bring me to a chicken inasal store....kkkk