Saturday, 18 February 2012

Alcione In The Cold Corner

I woke up late Saturday morning after sleeping late from finishing last night's War Horse blog. I just had to finish that homework before I cram into another movie.
But sleepiness plus the freezing day outside just forced me enjoy my thick blanket and a couple of movie channels until...
...I got a call late in the afternoon from my friend Seung-ho who was driving past Hannam-dong, and wanted to chat with me for an hour before he headed to COEX for an appointment.
Oh well, there goes my hibernation and CSI reruns.

I met him at the main road and headed to the Richensia side to find another cafe. I already knew the ones nearby were already full. And what we found was a new cozy, warm Alcione cafe, which was near the back entrance of Richensia. It was hardly noticeable, as if it was hiding in a cold corner.
We just ordered cafe mocha and chatted. Mine was, of course, the iced cafe mocha. I just wanted to extend the cold weather into my coffee. 
The all-girl Alcione crew told me their coffee shop has strong wi-fi (a plus), but sadly, no electrical socket if you have a laptop running out of power (a plus if they install now. Ha-ha-ha!).

The place is relatively quiet (I like!), but sadly, they close at 9PM (how early!)

I'm not sure if I would venture into that cold corner of Richensia again. But I now have an alternative cafe when the ones on the main road are not just full, but full of noisy people.
Now, back to my thick blanket. And my movie channels.

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