Monday, 20 February 2012

Salonga, Estrada And My Iced Cafe Mocha!

These winter Sundays have always been lazy. These negative temperatures could not just let me enjoy going out to play tennis or just move around the city. So, the best thing is usually to stay warm indoors. 

I always say that the best weekends are not always spent at home. They're bed. Ha-ha-ha!
But I've been sleeping all day already, and memorized all the movies shown on TV lately. So, I decided to leave my apartment and catch up on my reading at the neighborhood cafe.

Picking a book of read wasn't difficult. With the impeachment trial going on in Manila on a stubborn chief justice, I brought along Jovito Salonga's book on the impeached former Philippine president, Joseph Estrada.
Gosh, even as I sipped my iced cafe mocha which was overflowing with whipped cream, I was squirming as I read the pages of corruption and the absence of morals. Abuse of power, dishonesty and extravagance were like a collective slap to my face as I sat there at the coffee shop realizing that I am working my ass off to make a living, while these corrupt officials helped themselves to millions, milking the government and abuse their positions like it was their own sari-sari store.

I stopped reading, but continued to sip my coffee. And instead of savoring the sweetness of the whipped cream and the mocha, I tasted bitterness in my mouth from the detailed corruption in the book (and that's just a few chapters!). I should have ordered cream and read a comic book instead.

And everyday, as the impeachment trial for the current chief justice continues, perhaps a new page detailing abuse of power, corruption and the absence of delicadeza in government is being written, not on paper, but in our minds as citizens.
I certainly deserve this iced cafe mocha on this lazy Sunday afternoon, but I certainly do not deserve a corrupt government. 

PNoy, clean it up for me, please. And I will treat you to an iced cafe mocha. Topped with whipped cream, of course.

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  1. Corruption of the Philippines is the malignant tumor originating from Marcos. She must have the painful surgery for removing the tumor.

    We can not help comparing him with Park Chung Hee. Both of them were dictators, but with the very opposite economic accomplishments.

    Marcos'ruling period in the Philippines was characteristic of nepotism, cronyism and slush fund.

    Park Chung Hee's ruling period in Korea, however, was famous for meritocracy in all walks of life, across all social spectrums, and fighting against bureaucratic corruption.

    We have two different kinds of corruption in Asia now. One is the capitalistic corruption the Philippines is representing and the communistic corruption China and Vietnam are representing.

    I expected Vietnam would be on the way to another Korea economically but I have abandoned this dillusion in so long as Vietnam has the communist regime littered with corruptions.

    In 2011, 36 years after the end of Vietnam War(1975), Vietnamese GDP is $1,361.
    In 1989, 36 years after the end of Korean War(1953), Korean GDP was $5,552.

    While the Philippines and Vietnam are suffering from relics of corruption , Korea is savoring legacy of Park Chung Hee.