Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tracks And Field

After the heavy snow from the day before, everything turned snowed white, minus any dwarf.  But minus eight degrees. Ha-ha-ha!
It was pretty to look at if you're watching from the window; but freakin' dirty if you're on the sidewalk.

And to me, if it's pretty to look at, it should be pretty to take a picture of. So, I went out in the freezing noontime with my icy camera and headed down to the tracks of the Yongsan Station.
                                          (A train running in the middle)
I figured those frozen train tracks would look very interesting amidst the snowy field of the station.

                              (Trains on the tracks)
And while I stood there above the Yongsan Station, looking down at the cold tracks and with the icy winds blowing, I bravely held up my point-and-shoot camera on my exposed right hand just trying to steadily capture a field of frozen tracks which looked like black steel threads properly aligned and spaced on the snow.

I would have stayed longer, but the -8'C temperature reminded me that I was in the area to also grab lunch, not hypothermia. Ha-ha-ha!

So, I just headed indoors, and started thawing my digits and my digital camera. I thought the next time I see tracks, I'd be in a train, warm, cozy and heading home.

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