Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Our Seoul Family Christmas Party Reunion In Quezon City!

Just three weeks ago, we held our Christmas party in Seoul. This time, under warmer temperatures in the Philippines, specifically in the Acropolis Subdivision in Quezon City, we held our 2012 Christmas party-slash-reunion for our Seoul families.
                            (These Korean celebrities were flown in from....
                            Namdaemun Market!)

Last year, in December 2012, the theme of our Christmas party was Pasko sa Nayon at Loren and Richard's home in San Lorenzo Village in Makati City. This year, Fay, Pong and Lia hosted our Korean-themed party!

Following her theme, Fay invited everyone in 'couple shirts', wherein families and couples have to wear matching shirts and get-up. She also decorated her home with K-pop and Korean items, such as posters of Korean celebrities and miniature Korean dolls on her plates. She also gave away prizes for the best get-up and cookies looking like a Korean lady in hanbok. And to welcome everyone, she hang on her main door, the photographs of all the families attending the party. Very creative and thoughtful!

Unlike our parties in Seoul, this time, it's all about catching up and re-connecting with each other, as most of us haven't seen each other for a year! So, no games in this party!

Instead, we invited again the 'Handog ng Pagmamahal' kids who sang and performed for us. These kids do their annual 'carolling' visits to raise funds for their charities. This year, they are donating the funds to the victims of the typhoon Pablo. Their Christmas songs and dancing were enough to bring music and added fun to our night.

             (The Keijdeners won the best family costume!)

And as tradition, we exchanged gifts. Last year, we passed around our gifts while a Christmas carol played. This year, we picked from a bowl the name of the person who would eventually enjoy the gift! 

                                            (Liza and her pritson or pritong litson!)
And as in every party, food and desserts were around! Fay brought in pritson (deep-fried suckling pig) and the desserts, wow! Sasa and Marissa brought the yummiest chocolate cakes I had this Christmas season! So moist, soft, rich and with chocolate icing, they were very 'oww-my-gaawd'!

At parties and reunions, the food and gift-giving are second to catching up and spending time with friends. Even though we see each other in Facebook or call each other on the phone every now and then, being in one place at the same time, especially during the most festive of holidays, makes the night fun and special.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope to see you all again in 12 months!
                      (Fay's lady-in-a-hanbok cookie)


  1. Great to see this Christmas party. Really liked these arrangements. On this coming Christmas I am planning to arrange a huge party at one of San Francisco event venues. Have already made best plans for the day and quite excited to arrange the day.