Sunday, 13 January 2013

Si Juan Ay Na-Ponce-Enrile!

Late last year, I asked my friend, Fay, to buy for me Senator Juan Ponce Enrile's autobiography. I was interested to read about Philippine history, especially during the Martial Law, from his point of view. Or what he wants everyone to believe. 

The book arrived in Seoul handcarried by another friend, Cielo, who brought from Manila Mary Grace ensaimadas and cheese rolls, and some hopias, El Ideal cookies and other goodies also brought by my other two friends, Jenny and Itchay.

As of today, I haven't finished reading the book. Why? Maybe I was just too busy with other things. Or maybe I just find other books and magazines more interesting to read. But I promise someday, I will try to finish it as I don't want my friends' go to waste. Otherwise, the book will just gather dust in my kitchen. (Yes, I turned my kitchen into a mini-library, where my old books and magazines now don't smell like paper)

But lately, I am just disgusted at the scandalous news I read at about Senator Juan Ponce Enrile giving away millions of taxpayers money to his fellow senators? 


Kanami sa imo ba? Daw imo guid ambi ang kuwarta nga ipanghatag mo lang. Wala ka guid naminsar anay? (How good of you! You thought the money was yours to give away. You didn't even think.)

When I was home last month, almost everyday on TV, I saw the situation of the hapless victims of the typhoon Pablo in Mindanao and typhoon Quinta in Panay Island. Kaluluoy man sa ila. Although I did my own share to help, they really need more.

Senator, did it even cross your mind that maybe, just maybe,  your fellow kababayans need the money more than your fellow senators? Did it? Hindi mo man lang inisip yung mga kababayan natin na mga walang makain, walang mainom, walang matitirhan at walang hanapbuhay dahil sa bagyo?

Puede mo ba mabawi yung pera na yun at ipamigay mo sa mga Pilipinong talagang nangangailangan nito? Puede ba?

Naalala ko sa libro mo, I remember that part, where you said you were able to escape from the Japanese soldiers. Napa-iling ako. Wow, I told myself. Talo mo pa si Evelyn Salt! Hindi nga siya nakatakas from her North Korean captors, pero ikaw, ni walang training, nakatakas! Ang galing!  (Kung hindi mo kilala si Evelyn Salt, watch Angelina Jolie's movie).

Now, I don't know if I will have the interest to continue reading your book, which some say is actually fictional, not autobiographical. You don't seem to feel for the Filipino people. Senador ka pa naman. Ewan ko nga ba bakit ka pa tumakbo, eh, ang tanda-tanda mo na. Dapat nanahimik ka na lang sa mansion mo somewhere and let the younger generation run the country.

Umiiling pa rin ako tuwing maalala ko itong ginawa mo, although I know hindi lang ikaw ang gumagawa nito. Kami ngang mga OFW ay nagtatrabaho nang malayo sa pamilya para mai-angat ang kabuhayan. Pinag-dadaanan namin ang hirap at lungkot para kumita. Tapos, ikaw, pinamimigay mo lang? 

Hay, naku. Kelan ba talaga kayo diyan magbabago?

Wala na akong tiwala sa 'yo, Senator. Ang kawawa ay ang mga karaniwang Juan na na-ponce-enrile mo.


  1. Well said Alphonse... So sad to see that these things are still happening in our country's politics....

    1. Salamat. They call themselves civil servants, pero walang silbi.

  2. I like the topic you have in your blog though I must say I'm not familiar with most of it. Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC? Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you! Thank you.