Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Korea Grand Sale And My Discounted Groceries!

Just in time of my return to Seoul, the Visit Korea Committee launches the Korea Grand Sale!
How timely! My refrigerator is empty! I need to get some groceries! 

Yes, people, the Korean Grand Sale does not only include shops selling clothes and shoes, it also includes....E-Mart! Even the information officer at #1330 didn't know about this. I called #1330 to inquire how much worth of groceries do I need to purchase in order to get a discount from E-Mart. She initially didn't know. I told her E-Mart was on the list. In 2011, I was able to get discounts for my groceries. This year, I intend to get some again! 
And after I got the Korea Grand Sale coupon at the customer service counter at E-Mart, I just needed to buy KRW80,000 worth of groceries or household items so I can get a KRW5,000 discount. That's about a 6% discount!
And now that I got my groceries secured, I might as well move on to some discounted clothing, too. 

While the shops in Myeong-dong have all their winter clothes and jackets on sale, I was zero-ing in on those spring and summer shirts. I already have a lot of winter clothes and jackets that could last until the next Ice Age. I was more interested in those shirts and pants that I could wear in the tropics while on vacation.

And luckily, H&M still have some of those shirts left! They sold those for KRW15,000 last December. Now, they're down to KRW5,000! Discounted summer shirts in time for global warming. Ha-ha-ha!
 And not to be outdone, ZARA also has discounted items in the men's section, too. Some summer shirts and pants, but no likeable shoes, though. 

Of the discounted items I was able to get from the Korea Grand Sale, I am most happy with my groceries. Why? They already fed me and kept my home clean. An instant happy shopper! Ha-ha-ha! And I still have to wait for summer to wear those shirts!

So, if you haven't availed of the Korea Grand Sale discounts yet, make sure you visit their website:

And check the list of participating shops and outlets. You might be interested in those winter clothes. 

If you're heading to Myeong-dong, check out the shops starting from the Uniqlo store next to Exit 6 of the Myeong-dong Station, then work your way down from there.

Now, do I get more discounts from the Korea Grand Sale for blogging about this? Ha-ha-ha!

It all ends on February 28, by the way.
PS. I saw this kiosk selling some hard biscuit (at KRW3,000 each) coated with different flavors. I asked to buy the chocolate variety, and the guy put it in a small bag and hammered it into pieces. Well, the biscuit was very hard. No wonder he hammered. And I didn't taste any chocolate. Not worth it. I should have gone for the 'keran-pang', that hot bread with a whole boiled egg inside. Next time.


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