Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Pinoy In Iloilo: 'B' Is For Biscocho And Bingka!

Whenever I'm in Iloilo City visiting my cousins, who live in the Jaro District, swinging by the historic Jaro Cathedral is a must. Why? Next to the Cathedral are the Balasan bingka stands and the popular Biscocho Haus.

I grew up enjoying the biscocho from Iloilo, but I only discovered the Balasan bingka, being made and sold near the Cathedral, a few years ago.

It seems that my list of local enjoyable delights is getting longer and longer every year. I may have to stay overnight in this city again if I were to make sure I savor Iloilo's most popular delicacies. And when I do, they certainly will deserve a separate blog. Maybe on my December trip home, I will be able to squeeze in one full day across the Iloilo Strait.

And when I do, on top of the new discoveries, these two will definitely be in my bag on the way back home.

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