Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Free Tickets From The 2013 Korea In Motion!!

Early this month, the Korea Tourism Organization launched the 2013 Korea In Motion (KOINMO), a month-long campaign to promote performances that can be enjoyed in Korea.

And fortunately, some lucky participants who joined the KOINMO events got some free tickets to watch these performances. And I won tickets that allowed me to watch two performances.
(My NANTA tickets)

           (My two T-Money cards worth KRW10,000 each 
                 from the Korea Tourism Organization)

So, for the past Chuseok holidays, I went around town to watch Nanta, a non-verbal performance, and Hwarang, a Korean musicale. 

It was my first time to watch the very popular NANTA, which my friends Ruth and Nicole had enjoyed before. And I didn't know how convenient it was for me to get to their venue near the Chungcheongno Station: I just took the Blue Bus 472 from Hannam-dong, and got off at Exit 2 of that station. And walking for a few meters towards Exit 7, and I was there! 

                                   (The Nanta Theater)
The venue was full of Chinese-speaking tourists when I got there, and the seats up front were full of children, who seemed to have enjoyed all the slapstick jokes and mimes during the show.  

Although this type of non-verbal performance is not my cup of iced cafe mocha, it's a hit among children and international tourists because it's a novelty: clanging of kitchen utensils all throughout the show, slicing and dicing vegetables and throwing them at the audience, a lot of audience participation and a few light and sound effects. Plus, the plot was pretty simple: a quartet of cooks who had to come up with Korean dishes for a wedding banquet before....'sheeks-oh-klak'.  Do watch the show if you want to know what I mean by that. Ha-ha-ha!

                  (My Hwarang tickets from KOINMO)

And my free tickets to the second show was for Hwarang, a Korean musicale being staged at Art Madang in Daehangno. This musicale was featured during the 2013 KOINMO launching event, where the actors stole the show. It was also featured at the 2012 KOINMO stage and was even given the best performance award.

And on this 2013 open-run, the musicale moved to another venue, which was a bit tricky to find. I will have to write an updated blog due to the change of theater and teams of actors featured in the show. And based on the screams from the audience I heard during the show, I think the musicale still packs them in. Here's a preview:  HWARANG MUSICALE.

                             (Hwarang's Star Team)
                            (Hwarang's Super Team)


Well, the Chuseok holidays are over, and gone are my tickets. But thanks to KOINMO, I was able to enjoy these two shows. I am looking forward to winning tickets again next year!


  1. hi! Is it gonna be cold in Korea by the month of october? Me and my hubby are gonna be stopping by Seoul and may be do some transit tours during our 12-hour layover. We just want to make sure we are dressed appropriately weather-wise, hehe!

    I am loving your blog! I am following it! =)

    1. Thank you!

      October temperatures will be like spring cool days with lots of sunshine. A sweater will do, but if you're sensitive to cold, you can throw in a scarf.