Thursday, 19 September 2013

La Dolce Vita In Bacolod City: The Sweet Life, Literally.

My college friends, Rayri, Margot and Jane, and I always gather here whenever we have our Christmas reunion. It's our favorite cakeshop in Bacolod City.

                  (As Marie Antoinette notoriously exclaimed, 
                                  "Let them eat cake!")

 What we love about Calea is that they have a lot of different cakes. From cheese cakes, to yummy chocolate cakes, and even sans rival in butter and mocha flavors! They also have pies and sandwiches.

 It seems that, because Negros has a lot of sugar to spare, everyone here knows how to make desserts, and everyone here loves to enjoy these desserts; my favorite of which is brazo de mercedes, Spanish for 'arm of Mercedes'. She must have a delicious arm!

 On my next visits, I am going to try those other cakes on the display for a change. But the problem is, if I could not just get a slice, I may have to buy the whole cake! 

 And that means, I will have to share it. Ha-ha-ha!

Last January, I was able to bring to Seoul Mary Grace's truffle cake which I put inside plastic container. I wonder if this time, I can bring back to Seoul a Calea cake, or a slice of it?
                                      (They make sandwiches, too!)
                                 (Our take-home chocolate cake!)

                      (A trio of happy Calea customers)

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