Tuesday, 19 August 2014

#PopeFrancisInKorea: Pope Francis 'Has Left The Building'!

Well, as they say 'Elvis has left the building'!  Sadly, Pope Francis 'has left the building', too.

And just as a huge rock star that he is, Pope Francis left Seoul yesterday, and everything seems back to normal now. 

No more detours for closed avenues, no more closed subway stations, and no more bus loads of police lining up the streets of Seoul.

Pope Francis souvenirs are almost sold out, but photographs, news and personal stories about him are still everywhere.

I was in Gwanghwamun during the beatification ceremony and the night before that. And I saw him off after his last Mass at Myeongdong Cathedral. With a lot of photographs and memories in my camera, I have to sort them out and write about them. 

And being a Catholic, seeing Pope Francis in person before he left Seoul was a big deal. And even a bigger deal for me is having seen in person the last three popes. I saw Pope John Paul II when he was in Manila, Philippines, in 1995. I saw Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican in 2010, and now, Pope Francis! 

He may have gone; but Pope Francis still remains in the hearts of many.

A couple of #PopeFrancisInKorea blogs to follow soon....

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