Friday, 1 August 2014

T.G.I.P.! Thank God It's Patpingsu!

No, it's not 'Thank God, it's Pri-day'! (Although it's Friday today!).

It's....'Thank God it's patpingsu!

The summer is in full swing in Korea, and everyone melting in this heat just wanted something cold to cool things down.

I discovered Dongbinggo's famous patpingsu last summer. And this year, I rediscovered it again! Luckily, Ichon-dong is just a bus ride or in today's case, just a short drive away! My good friend Seung-ho, who happened to be in the neighborhood, was kind enough to drive me to Ichon-dong during a noon-time break and let me enjoy a bowl of Dongbinggo's patpingsu!
(They gave us 2 spoons, but I only needed one. 
It's all mine!)
(A couple of tteok squares, nut powder and a mound of red bean paste sitting on top of snowy, milky, crushed ice)

During weekend, I heard the lines are long outside this shop. People from the neighborhood, and many a lot more from outside the Yongsan District drive over to Ichon-dong to taste Dongbinggo's famous patpingsu. A few times, I noticed a few foreigners (and one even today!) getting a table and ordering from the variety of patpingsu menu.

Me? As long as it's sweetened red bean with milky ice shavings on a bowl, I'm a happy, thankful human being.
         (Yes, it's all for me! When it comes to my desserts, 
                              I'm selfish! Ha-ha-ha!)
Thankful for this patpingsu, and happy to enjoy it!  So, are you also getting your bowl of icy patpingsu today? And do you actually think of sharing it? Ha-ha-ha!

Here's my last year's blog on Dongbinggo for directions and more...icy pictures!
              (They use 100% locally grown adzuki beans.)

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