Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Pinoy At The Movies: Into The Storm

Having lived in the tropical country pummeled by typhoons several times a year, I guess I am used to heavy downpours and floods. Last year's Haiyan (local name, Yolanda), the strongest storm on record reminded us how devastating these weather systems can be.

Into The Storm does just that. Remind. Us.

It's a movie about a group of storm chasers just like Helen Hunt's movie, Twister, years ago. And just like in Twister, the storm chasers in this movie chase big storms and tornadoes. But here, it's the biggest tornado ever. And how did they show it? With huge special effects!

Yes. The special effects in this movie made chasing storms harrowing and scary. I have never seen a tornado in real life. Perhaps, the last movie where I saw a lot of tornadoes was in The Day After Tomorrow, that fictional climate disaster film from 2004. 

Into The Storm is like Twister plus The Day After Tomorrow plus High School Musical, without the singing, but a lot of melodramatics, adolescent rage and, as I said, huge special effects.  I think this is the only movie where I saw a huge tornado fireball! 

I hope those destructive weather systems and big scary tornadoes just stay in the movies. But it seems that with all the changing in our global climate, we may not have seen the worst yet.

I guess that's where we are all heading to. Into the storm.

Watch it.

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