Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Asian Games Blogger Blunder: Why Mongolians Fans Are Pissed

From my first post on this blogsite, I have always been careful about my writing: from the grammar, to the spelling and most important, the quality. On top of those three, I also make sure the details are correct. For example, the names of people, places and organizations should be correctly spelled; and the dates and the events are also factual.

I don't have anybody to review or edit my posts; so, I usually make sure I am satisfied with the draft before I click the 'Publish' button. But sometimes I spot minor errors (which I immediately correct!) on the published posts when I read it a day after with 'fresh eyes', so to speak. 

The other day, when I was reading updates on the 2014 Asian Games' official Facebook page, I clicked on this link provided for basketball events update:

The organizers of the Asian Games have recruited people and are paying them to blog about the Games, and one of them wrote about the teams that faced on the basketball courts that day.
                                    (A screen capture of a part 
                                      of the revised article)

Although the writing was just a simple summary, what caught my attention was the reactions to the article. I presumed that most comments at the lower part of the page were from Mongolian nationals expressing their rage and angry reactions. Why? The previous version of the article described Mongolia as 'Mongolia-China'.

My first reaction was an 'OMG!' 

How could a blogger be that irresponsible, considering that this was published at an official page of an international sports organization? Calling Mongolia, a sovereign country, by another name after attaching 'China' to it?  Both countries actually have a long and complicated history that dates back centuries that included invasions and wars between the two, and it's really a touchy and sensitive subject. Hmm. Somebody didn't do his homework, I suppose. 

No wonder there are a lot of 'F' words in the 'comments' section. I also wonder who are the 'Admins' behind the Asian Games blog/website. Are they really professionals, or just amateurs who don't know what they're doing? Just asking.
                                               (The angry reactions)

So, if you're a blogger, you, too, can pick up an important lesson here. Before publishing, you can always check official websites for details that you're not sure of in your post. That's what I always do when I'm doubtful of some details.

Last week, I wrote about the lack of information about the Asian Games and its not-so-helpful website. I also wrote that I expected glitches and controversies on the playing field during the Games, but I didn't expect that such controversy would be online!

                                                    (The angry reactions)

So far, other glitches I have read the news included the dying of the official flames (yes, the flames died out even before the closing ceremonies due to alleged technical problems) and the electrical interruption at the badminton games. There's also this article from Korea Times about 'sold-out' events but the stadiums turned out to be almost empty.
                                                     (The angry reactions)

We're still on the fifth day of competition at the 2014 Asian Games, and I hope things would get better. I wonder if the Mongolian fans, who were pissed by that blunder, feel better now after the revision of the blog and the apology.
                                                 (The angry reactions)

I still have free tickets to the Athletics events this Sunday, but I'm not sure if I should go. Except for the Philippine basketball team, Smart Gilas, I think I am losing interest in the Games. 

Or maybe I should just give away my free Athletics tickets?

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  1. If you wan't go wou will not experience the first hand account :-) Go and verify it all by yourself. On the other hand I thonk Koreans do a great job marketing thier country via Asian Games but that has nothong to do with sport I guess.