Thursday, 25 September 2014

Returning To My Favorite Bakery, Tae Keuk Dang!

Last month, I walked across a few neighborhoods to enjoy the popular (and cheap!) ice cream sandwiches of Tae Keuk Dang, a restaurant that has been baking cakes and bread since 1946.

                  (My favorite raisin bread in the middle)

That day, I not only discovered their ice cream sandwiches, but also their yummy raisin bread. For only KRW4,000 a pack, I wonder if I was the only one who decided to return, not for the frozen delight, but for a pack of baked goodies.

                   (I bought all the three packs on display)

Since the bakery is just next to the Dongkuk University subway station, it was very convenient for me. 

At lunch time, I just rushed to the subway to get me some raisin bread to pair with a salad lunch I got from a local delicatessen. And since I didn't have any idea when I'd be able to come back again, I bought all the three packs on display! 

When I made it back to the office, I just opened one pack and enjoyed my salad lunch and my raisin bread one bite at a time. The pack was actually gone in less than two days. I ate it for breakfast, lunch and, well, for snacks!

So, if you want to try some bread, other than those sold and baked at some pricey franchise outlets, you can always drop by Tae Keuk Dang. It's right outside Exit 2 of the Dongkuk University Station of Line 3 in Seoul.

And in case there's no more raisin bread when you get there, sorry, I may have bought all packs on display. Again. Ha-ha-ha!

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