Friday, 3 October 2014

The 2014 Seoul Performing Arts Festival!

Since my week started with a performance at The Painters: Hero last Monday (courtesy of the Korea Tourism Organization), and continued today with a Korean ballet performance in the Gangnam District (also courtesy of KTO), and may end with a JYJ k-pop concert at around COEX this Sunday (courtesy of the Gangnam District Office), I might as well blog about the ongoing festival of performances.

After the month-long Korea In Motion campaign of the Korea Tourism Organization ends on Sunday, both locals and foreigners can still enjoy unique performances at the 2014 Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF).

The Festival actually started last September 25, and will end on October 19. It's an annual festival of artists from seven countries, namely, Korea, Germany, Russia, Belgium, UK, Austria and Colombia. There are 21 performances produced by 19 theater companies.

These performance are mainly held at ARKO Arts Theater and Daehakro Arts Theater, which I think are in the Daehang-no area in Hyewha-dong, which is accessible from Exit 2 of the Hyewha Station (Line 4).

I'm not sure if I'd be able to venture into the Hyewha-dong area for this, although I always rush to that side of the city for some banana-cues. But in case you're able to, the Festival has an official website in Korean and English, which has a detailed list of performances, schedules, venues and ticket prices:

It also has a Facebook page, but it's mainly in Korean:


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