Sunday, 8 March 2015

On Any Given Sunday...

On weekends, when I have the time to really think what I want to have for breakfast, I always wished I had puto manapla or some biscocho. And because last January when I was in Manila, my friend Marlu treated me to a breakfast of churros and hot chocolate at Dulcinea in Greenbelt, I continued to crave for churros here in Seoul.
                      (Dulcinea's churros con chocolate)

And it was as if the universe conspired (again!) to grant my wish! When I recently went to Costco to get my regular box of breakfast cereals, I stumbled upon Tio Pepe's Churros! All I needed to do was to heat them up. 

So, this weekend, I didn't have to rush to a cafe in Itaewon that served churros, I just had to rush to my freezer. And since I was able to finish four of them with my hot tablea tsokolate, I needed to walk off a heavy breakfast. 
   (Hot tablea tsokolate with Tio Pepe's Churros with Nutella)

At the gym where I used to go, the trainer always teased me that I was like a bear; I hibernate during the winter. I skipped going to his gym during the cold months as I just hated getting up early on cold mornings. Just like everyone else, we all wanted to sleep some more.
                         (I hope this will be Coffeesmith)

Instead of going to the gym (which actually closes a few days during the month), I just walked around the neighborhood whenever I want to, or play tennis at the nearby tennis courts.  For walking, a few times I'd go as far as the Banpo Fountain Bridge, or as far as Itaewon. And while roaming around Hannam-dong today, a noticed a few changes here and there. What caught my eye was the renovation of an old building where the office of a real estate agent used to be. It now looks like the familiar facade of the Coffeesmith franchise. If it is, there will be a new coffee shop right at my doorstep! I hope they'll close past midnight! Ha-ha-ha! Starbucks on the other side of the street sadly closes at 11PM.  Although Coffine Gurunaru closes at 2AM, they have a horrible iced cafe mocha. The only thing good about Coffine Gurunaru was there patpingsu. And although there is TomnToms that closes at midnight, I noticed some shady characters there last weekend. Or maybe I was just paranoid. Ha-ha-ha!
                         (The view from the outdoor gym)

So, today, as I enjoy a very sunny Sunday morning, I hope you all have fun this weekend, too. I should write more about this outdoor gym we have on a hill here in Hannam-dong, where, the view is interesting with a few birds singing around you. At the gym where I used to go, the 'view' is just the TV monitor at the treadmill and no birds are singing; only a few familiar K-pop celebrities also running next to you on the treadmill. (I recognized a few Korean celebrities in the gym and inside the locker room. Oops! Not sure if I could write about what I saw. Ha-ha-ha!).

See you around the neighborhood!
               (An area of Hannam-dong as seen from the
                           hilly side of Bogwang-dong)

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