Thursday, 19 March 2015

Photo Of The Day: Runaway Bride

I wonder if she was running to....or running away from...her wedding? Ha-ha-ha!

That was the question that immediately popped on my mind when I saw her get off a car (and not a bridal car!), crossed the street and on towards the I-Park Mall with an assistant dutifully carrying her train.

Was she rushing to the electronics mall to shop for some discounted home appliance? 

Was she rushing to catch a KTX train at the Yongsan Station?

Or was she running away from her in-laws? Ha-ha-ha!

It was a funny sight, just like a scene out of Julia Robert's movie, Runaway Bride. But then I realized something. She was not a runaway bride; she was just a bride running. Why? There's a wedding hall on the 7th floor of I-Park Mall just above the electronics shops. She must have been late and didn't want to keep her guests and of course, her groom, waiting! She might have been worried he would change his mind. Ha-ha-ha!

Well, I didn't know if she actually made it to her wedding and lived happily ever after with her groom. But what I knew was that she provided some amusement to her fellow pedestrians crossing the street with her. (I didn't hear anyone congratulating her, by the way.)

And of course, she provided the photo of the day.

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