Monday, 16 March 2015

Photo Of The Day: Strawberries in Cups!

Since it's the season of strawberries in Korea, almost every fruit stand is now selling boxes of fresh, locally grown strawberries.

So, if you're walking around Myeongdong these days, or any busy area in Seoul, you will always find stalls selling cups of ready-to-enjoy fresh strawberries!

This one I stumbled upon on the very busy Myeongdong alley. The stall sells these strawberries topped with choices of dark chocolate, white chocolate and other flavors. A cup costs KRW4,000 each, but the only problem is, since it's cold, the flavored topping hardens immediately. And you will have to eat by piercing each slice with a small stick.

These enticing rows of fresh strawberries in cups deserve to be the photo of the day.

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