Wednesday, 11 March 2015

#WorldTennisDay : Tennis in Seoul!

Today is World Tennis Day!

I just want to join all the millions of tennis fans and tennis players from all around the world in celebrating the day of our favorite sport, tennis!
Although I don't regular play during the freezing winter weekends here in Seoul, I am looking forward to the perfect tennis temperatures of spring when I join my other tennis friends at the clay courts of Hannam-dong, or at the hard courts of the Jangchung Tennis Courts.

I have been lucky to have watched Grand Slam tennis matches and met my favorite tennis players at Melbourne a few years back, and even luckier to have watched top ranked female players here in Seoul. But there's no comparison to watching the greatest players of all time, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, and my favorite player, Rafa Nadal, play exhibition matches here in Seoul.

So, to all tennis fans and tennis players around the globe, a happy World Tennis Day from Seoul!
See you in court!  Ha-ha-ha!

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