Friday, 8 May 2015

Happy Parents' Day in Korea!

I already saw a lot of flower vendors on the streets yesterday. It's 어버이날 or Parents' Day in Korea today, and everyone will be buying flowers, chocolates and other gifts for their parents today.

Although most establishments just want to cash in on the observance of this special day for parents, I just wish it's not just the gift or the flower that would matter. I hope everyone would not forget that, if you take away the flowers, or the chocolate, or whatever gift you give to your parents today, what should always matter is the gratitude, the love, the appreciation, and the relationship that you have for your mother and father.

I already wished my Korean friends that they enjoy their spring weekend with their family. They may start their celebration tonight, but it will be nicer if they extend it until this weekend.

And to all the mothers and fathers out there, happy parents' day to you, too!  

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