Friday, 1 May 2015

Marching In May

As I made my way to the bus stop from Myeongdong Cathedral today, I saw the Labor Day march passing through Euljiro area on its way to Jongno.

Traffic was at a standstill, which meant there wouldn't be any bus passing my way until the whole march passed. And although I could have taken the subway instead, I decided to stay put to watch the thousands of workers who were making their voices heard on the causes they believe and are fighting for.

The bus I was waiting for arrived after 30 minutes when the march finally passed and the traffic flowed again. My long wait was nothing compared to what these workers were doing. They walked for kilometers just to let their voices heard for anyone who wanted to listen. Or watch.

I join all workers today, both here and everywhere else, in the celebration and observance of the International Workers' Day.

In a way, I joined that march today, too.

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