Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Performer of the Season: Mr. Ham, the Magician

If you were at the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival last month, you must have seen him in the middle of a huge crowd doing magic tricks. That's where I bumped into his performance.


Since it's a festival, it was just proper to have street performers to entertain the crowds visiting from all over Seoul, and from other countries as well. 

And while some visitors were happy enough to be dazzled with the cherry blossoms and the flowers displayed along Yeouido's most popular lane, most visitors were surprised that the festival didn't only welcome them with petals and plants, they were entertained with street performances!

                              (Mr. Ham breathes fire!)
            (Hundreds encircle Mr. Ham to watch his show
                     in the middle of the Yeouido street)

Yes, live street performances are usually the ones that make a festival more exciting as these actually engage the audience. 

And one performer is the artist, Mr. Ham, who brought his The Happening Show to the festival and performed for the crowds. The kids, who I presumed would have been bored just watching the cherry blossoms and having photos with their parents, were especially mesmerized by Mr. Ham's magic tricks! How often would you bump into a magic show along a street in Seoul, anyway?

                 (Mr. Ham poses with a fan after the show)

As he doesn't just perform during festivals, you may bump into one of Mr. Ham's street performances on any park or street in Seoul.

Here's The Happening Show's Facebook page. Give it a 'Like' and you may see him do his magic tricks while you're walking around Seoul one day.


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