Thursday, 7 May 2015

Photos of the Day: Samcheongdong's Elevated Sidewalk

If you're walking on it, you won't see how unique it actually looks. So, you just have to cross the street and amuse yourself at this elevated sidewalk where people stroll next to restaurants and shops.

What especially amuses me is that there are stores up the inclined area next to the sidewalk.  So, if you want to discover the restaurants and shops up there, you have to walk up the steps. 

And what makes it even more unique is the traditional architecture of certain shops. From the other side of the street, they look like a hanok, the Korean traditional home,  but with another storey.

No wonder this place is very popular, especially during the weekends, and you may see yourself walking through the alleys of Samcheongdong (in the Jongno District of Seoul) one of these sunny spring days.

So, thanks to the builders of this sidewalk, the shops and restaurants with unique architecture, and of course, the people walking on it, we have our photos of the day.
                    (A clothes shop displays shirts and skirts 
                    on the stairs leading up to its entrance)

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