Sunday, 3 May 2015

Standing Room Only: Boxing, Boos, and Banana-cues

While I woke up late here in Seoul to the movie Gladiator showing on TV, millions of my Filipinos back at home have already started their Sunday early to prepare to watch the so-called 'fight of the century' (although it's just 2015!).  But unlike Russel Crowe and his men in Gladiator, where they were willing to die for their freedom, today's boxers were willing to bleed for millions of dollars.  
                                (Standing room only)

And while here in Korea, I was watching the fight being broadcast by a local channel, back at my hometown, thousands gathered at the city plaza to watch the fight at the big screen and cheer for their local hero. The pictures shared by my sister Salud showed scenes more festive than a town fiesta and attendance that would rival that of a Palm Sunday mass. This was how popular the fight was. 
                      (Filipinos lining up around the plaza 
                        to watch the fight on the big screen)

Unfortunately, the fight ended with the winner not being the one everyone was cheering for. Instead, the winner was booed by some audience members at the arena while bragging about his victory on stage, and I could just imagine the volume of boos and jeers echoing around the city plaza when Mayweather was finally declared the winner.  
                                    (Fans on the roof)

And unlike the thousands who gathered at my hometown's plaza, there were less pinoys at the Filipino market in Hyewha-dong in the Jongno District in Seoul today. According to my favorite vendor, Junila, most pinoys would rather watch the fight at home together with their fellow pinoys. Too bad, Manny Pacquiao didn't win. And if I could give his fans some consolation, I'd like to share my banana-cues from Junila. They're sweet, yummy, and, unlike those boxing tickets, they don't cost thousands of dollars.
                (Junila's banana-cues are the best in Seoul!) 

PS. Thanks to my sister for the plaza pictures and to Junila for the banana-cues.

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