Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Photo of the Day: Pomeranians at a Seoul Roundabout

"How much is that doggie in the window? 
The one with the waggly tail..."
That must be the song that played in the heads of the people who saw these cute brown pomeranians sitting on a vendor's cart at the Hyewha roundabout in the Jongno District in Seoul. 

Their master, an old man, sold cooked chestnuts on the street, while they just sat there, quietly watching passers-by and, at times, ogled at their master's customers. 

It was a chilly day when I passed by their spot, but with their seats next to the hot oven that cooked the chestnuts, they were just sitting pretty and warm, and simply watched the world go by.


  1. Have you seen my shih-tzu, Dixie?

    1. I haven't seen her.She must have a huge backyard to run around!